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Who We Are


At RC, we specialise in automotive performance and services.
Race Concepts is a well established name in the motorsport industry for building highly tuned engines and manufacturing some of the finest products for performance. We are known for our engineering abilities and race winning potential.
Our Products and Services.

How It Began


Joel Joseph started Race Concepts (RC) in 2011 with a vision to redefine the performance of cars and bikes on the street and on the race track. Starting his career as a Race Engineer in 2009, he has built various winning cars and bikes across different motorsport platforms - Circuit, Drag and Rally. Initially famous for building bikes and Hondas, Race Concepts has expanded to provide a wide range of performance products and builds across various platforms. Today RC is at the forefront of Indian Motorsport with the fastest competition cars/bikes in the country. 

RC Motorsport


Race Concepts has been building and providing technical support for cars and bikes that are competing in the National Racing series since 2011 - circuit, drag and rally. RC is currently the leading name in the industry and has a number of records in its short racing history.
RC has been dominating the drag circuit in India for the last 4 years with our drag Honda City VTEC setting a 13 sec benchmark in 2013 to become the quickest NA car in the country till date. The car further evolved into a turbocharged avatar making the highest horsepower in the country for an Indian tuned car, setting a quarter mile record of 11secs flat, to become the fastest Front wheel drive(FWD) car in the country. 
RC has also been setting the benchmark over the last 3 years in the Indian Touring Cars (ITC) and Super Stock categories of the National Racing Championship. Pushing the boundaries of development, our race cars are the fastest Hondas ever to hit the circuits in India, with multiple wins and lap records to our name.

Our Accomplishments



MMSC National Racing Championship - Group B National Champions - Yamaha R15 165cc

First Indian Machine to breach the 2 minute barrier at MMSC, Chennai - Clocking 1:58 Most powerful Yamaha R15 in the country producing in excess of 30hp in 2010

Speedway Drag 2010 - Street Stock 1600cc - Honda City VTEC

15.9 secs


Race Concepts debuted in ITC (Indian Touring Cars) setting the quickest time in debut weekend - Aug 2011

Honda City VTEC

Fastest IJTC car of the season, powered by RC exhaust system

Maruti Esteem 1.3 Carb


JK Tyre National Racing Championship - ITC class - 2nd Runner Up Champions - Honda City VTEC

Quickest Honda City around BIC, 2012

MMSC National Racing Championship - Group C National Champions - Yamaha R15


The Valley Run 2013 - Winner - Pro-stock 1600cc - Honda City VTEC

New NA National Record - 13 secs

MMSC National Racing Championship - Group C Runner-up Champions - Yamaha R15

Fastest R15 Group C to clock 2.00mins at MMRT

Developed Honda CBR150R for Circuit Racing and set the fastest laptime of 2.00.9secs at MMRT equalling our R15 builds in its debut season


The Valley Run 2014 - Winner - Pro-stock 1600cc - Honda City VTEC

Quickest NA car of the event

JK Tyre National Drag Racing Championship 2014 - Winner - pro-stock 1600/Indian Open/Unrestricted - Honda City VTEC

First Super car beating exploit - Nissan 350Z and Aston Martin Vantage V10

MRF National Racing Championship - Super Stock - Runner-up Champions - Honda City VTEC

MOC 2014 - Most powerful NA and Turbo cars of the show @ Dyno Shootout - Honda City VTECs

First RC Turbo build completion - Mitsubishi Evolution 4 - 400hp

First Honda City Turbo build - 305hp


The Valley Run 2015 - Winners - Forced Induction 1600cc/Indian Open - Honda City VTEC

Fastest FWD car record - 12.2 secs

MRF National Racing Championship - Runner-up Champions - ITC class - Honda City VTEC

Our ITC Honda City VTEC won in its debut weekend in the premier class of Indian Racing, first time in history.

MRF National Racing Championship - National Champions (1&2) - Super Stock - Honda City VTEC

Fastest Stock Cars in the National Championship

JK Tyre National Drag Racing Championship - National Champions - Indian Open/Unrestricted - Honda City VTEC

Fastest car of the event clocking consistent 12s

ILRC Sprint 2015 - Time Attack - Winners - Indian Open/1600cc - Honda City VTEC NA & Turbo


ILRC Quartermile 2016 - Winners - Pro-stock 1600/Pro-Stock Open/Indian Open/Unrestricted/Forced Induction 1600cc/Street Stock 1600cc - Honda City VTECs (NA/Turbo/Street stock spec)

Vroom 2016 - Drag Race - Winners - Pro-Stock 1600/Pro-Stock Open/Indian Open/Unrestricted/Forced Induction 1600cc - Honda City VTEC - NA & Turbo

Fastest car of the day and quicker than a competing Audi R8 V10

The Bangalore Drag Fest 2016 - Winners - Forced Induction 1600/Pro Stock 1600/Street Stock 1300/1600/Forced Induction 1800/Indian Open/Unrestricted - Honda City VTEC - NA & Turbo, Suzuki Swift, Honda Civic 1.8 Turbo

New Indian National Record of 11 secs and the fastest Honda City in Asia. 12 out of 18 RC tuned cars finished on top

Vroom2 2016 - Drag Race - Winners - Forced Induction/Pro stock open/Pro stock 1600/Indian Open/Unrestrcited - Honda City VTEC - NA & Turbo

Fastest cars of the event

MRF National Racing Championship 2016 - Runner up - ITC class - Honda City VTEC

Fastest Honda on the circuit tracks

MRF National Racing Championship 2016 - Runner up - Super Stock - Honda City VTEC

Fastest stock cars for the season

JK Tyre National Racing Championship 2016 - Runner up - ITC class - Honda City VTEC

Fastest cars of the season with double win @ BIC, Noida and fastest laptimes

MMSC National Drag Racing Championship 2016 - Winner - Unrestricted - Honda City VTEC

Fastest FWD car of the event

MRF National Rally Championship - 2016 - Runner up - FMSCI CUP 1600 - Nashik - Honda City VTEC

Our first full Rally season and set best stage times in its class

MRF National Rally Championship - 2016 - 2nd Runner up - INRC 2000 - Nashik - Mitsubishi Cedia

Quickest Cedia in the rally season

Most powerful Honda Civic R18 in Asia - 382whp - Rated to produce in excess of 430hp from its 1800cc SOHC engine at peak boost on normal fuel

Most powerful and Fastest Honda City VTEC in Asia - Excess of 450whp - Rated to produce over 550hp from a 1.5 litre engine - Most powerful D15B SOHC in the world!

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